rhapsodust (rhapsodust) wrote,

It's raining out here, not a very strange thing to happen, and I'd like to pause for a moment and jot down notes, take a snapshot of living in the moment. By some quirk of fate, I am one of the few guys on campus (maybe the only one) to have three exams on a single day -today- with two exams sandwiching a class in which a presentation must be made.

One might be tempted into thinking that gloomy tidings beckon, but goldwave is open. The start marker is set at 6:18 and I've got a continuous loop of floods running; and all I can think to myself is: what exactly went through dimebag's mind when pantera produced this? Do these guitarists to these things in sudden flashes of inspiration or is it a painstaking incremental process? Do they rehearse the tunes, and then go "oh, screw that, let me try this chord.. do it again boys".

We see only the end product; we hear the finished masterpiece and, well, I'd like to believe that it happened this way. See, they're playing the song, and the background mixing and stuff takes place, and it's supposed to end this way, the way the guys had planned it. And from somewhere (where? where does creative inspiration stem from? from where does creative expression of such breathtaking brilliance derive itself?) this guitar solo, this end piece that has me hopelessly racking my mind for suitable adjectives just arrives. It's been raining steadily for a couple of hours now, not much change, just a middling drizzle and as I stare from the w400s wing, one light glows and lights up puddles. Rain and floods. Life.
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